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Can't you be more honest and give me some courage? Now, you are the only one left for me! Despite the objections from the world, Yoon-hoo keeps on dating with Gook-hwa. However, Shin-hyung is plotting revenge on Gook-hwa, in order to get Yoon-hoo back. Under pressure from Yoon-hoo's father, Yoon-hoo is rejected by many corporations. Gook-hwa learns that Yoon-hoo is having a hard time and decides to leave him. Meanwhile, Shin-hyung realizes that Gook-hwa really loves Yoon-hoo through the sacrifices that Gukhwa has made for Yoon-hoo's sake.

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Yoon-hoo takes Gook-hwa, who worked as a Chinese translator for him, on a business trip to Jeju Island where an important exhibition is taking place. Yoon-hoo's father, Chairman Park finds Gook-hwa and Yoon-hoo there, and soon, Yoon-hoo has returned to UT as a planning manager in the marketing department, with Gook-hwa as his secretary. Yoon-hoo also decides to help Gook-hwa become more sophisticated and sends her to an academy to help her prepare for her college entrance examination.

Soo-jeong asks Yoon-hoo's mother what is she going to do if her son is Yoon-hoo's child. Yoon-hoo is shocked, and Gook-hwa comes to know about Soo-jeong's identity. Later on when Soo-jeong's lie is exposed, and Yoon-hoo proposes to Gook-hwa. Gook-hwa accepts Yoon-hoo's proposal, but persuades Yoon-hoo to return home, feeling that they have behaved rashly.

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Yoon-hoo agrees to her request, but Yoon-hoo's mother still opposes the marriage. On the other hand, Chairman Park decides to trust Yoon-hoo's decision, while Yoon-ji and Gwang Man support his decision as well, as Gook-hwa has gained the acceptance of Chairman Park, Yoon-ji and Gwang-man with her modesty and kind-heartedness.

A year later, Gook-hwa is pregnant, and has passed the college entrance examination. The show concludes with a scene of Yoon-hoo and Gook-hwa on a cruise ship on the Han River , celebrating her passing of the college entrance examination. At first, Woo-kyung and Yoon-jeong meet funeral of Gook-hwa's fiance.

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This does not start any relationship. Later, Yoon-jeong being a bad driver hits Woo-kyung's car and claims that Woo-kyung was at fault. Woo-kyung continues to try to avoid her, but Yoon-jeong chases him. Even though Woo-kyung tells her he is not interested, but she chases him still. Eventually Yoon-jeong says that she won't chase him anymore and she will stop wasting her time.

Woo-kyung then starts to miss her presence all around, so he begins to chase her. In episode 95, Woo-kyung begs Yoon-jeong not to go to the dating with Jin Soo and she came back to him. This eventually starts their relationship. When Yoon-jeong's mother finds out, she refuses saying that Woo-kyung has a poor background and family.

However, Chairman Park, who is Yoon-jeong's father allows the marriage, claiming that Woo-kyung is too much for her. As the story goes, Yoon-jeong's mother doesn't let Yoon-jeong go out after she was greatly embarrassed in the public place by her and Woo-kyung. Woo-kyung goes to Yoon-jeong's house, firmly saying that he doesn't want Yoon-jeong to go to anymore dating. Yoon-jeong then asks her older sister Yoon-ji what she did so that she could get their mother to let the older sister to marry. The Older sister then told Yoon-jeong that she faked her own pregnancy.

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Yoon-jeong then fakes her own pregnancy to her mother and her mother believes it. When she fakes it, her mother says that Woo-kyung and Yoon-jeong must be married quickly since sex before marriage is very bad in Korea. Woo-kyung and Yoon-jeong set a date and when her mother tells Woo-kyung that, he gets extremely angry.

So does her mother. Yoon-jeong begs Woo-kyung and her mother for her dishonesty.

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Later in the story, you find out that Yoon-jeong actually got pregnant from Woo-kyung after their honeymoon. A recurring joke at this time is Yoon-jeong asking for something from Woo-kyung, he is going out to get it, and then she is telling him that she wants something else instead. A little later in the story, you also find out that Yoon-jeong is actually going to have twins.

In , Kim Woo-jin Yeo Jin-goo , now a college student, notices that a series of suicides in his university is somehow linked to his brother, Kim Bum-gyun An Woo-yeon.

While in pursuit of the case, he meets Han Jung-yeon Gong Seung-yeon , another college student who is investigating the serial suicides. In , South Korea is now divided into General Earth, a heavily polluted place where crimes are rampant, and Smart Earth, a clean and peaceful city free from crimes. Kim Joon-hyuk Kim Kang-woo is a crime detective who tries to get into Smart Earth to investigate a case of twin brothers who went missing in In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest.

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