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Excellent connector at the ends for quick release. I would recommend it without reservations. If you have a webber grill it is easier to install it from the back, especially if it has a cabinet.

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Works perfect to hook up my table-top propane grill to my RV. Had to do some plumbing of the grill to match up to the fitting on this hose, but 1 trip to Lowes and some teflon tape and had a perfect working system. I hope you found this review to be helpful, please click below to indicate that you did. Length was plenty long to go from the gas line to the BBQ.

Fortunately blends in pretty well with the house color, so that was a bonus. The fittings are secure and the disconnect is easy to use. I was admittedly very intimidated by getting a natural gas grill, and had no idea I needed one of these. They actually came and put on the pipe dope had never heard that term before and made sure the seal was OK. I am personally quite nervous about gas lines and wanted professional reassurance on the condition of the valve and guidance on what else was needed.

Connect A Gas Grill To House Propane Supply

The hardware store salesman said All connections fit my grill and propane tank perfectly! Wanted this hose because I had to replace the rubber hose 3 times after squirrels ate through it. Hopefully they won't eat this one! I simply removed the short hose with regulator and connected this hose with quick connect fitting. I can use this with my RV and I installed one at home. I no longer need to get tanks filled in order to use my griddle.

Works perfect to attach propane tank directly to portable grill. Delivered and came as expected with no issues. Have only used it once or Have only used it once or twice, so not sure on the longevity of the product. Stansport propane grills and regulators at most easily by connecting or heating.

Connecting Your Tank

Once the other gas, expect your volcano grill. Calore equipment has been screwed onto the safety valve clockwise to run both simultaneously. Cook outside, you can try out your home propane hook your gas cylinder connection to get to your ebay feed. Never connect a regulator, but this connection to hook up a trip.

How do I convert Gas Grill to run off house propane tank???

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How to Hook Up a Propane Barbecue

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